Chocolate Lava Cake

11:52pm Monday 12 August  2013 Sydney (gmt+10)

I've always had a Chocolate Lava Cake wherever I work. But even if I've made it over and over again I still test the recipe. Actually... it's not the recipe that I test, but the kitchen. Depending on the condition of the equipment then I need to make adjustments to the ratio and proportion of the ingredients and with the baking time. 

But the recipe is very straightforward. Dark Cooking Chocolate, Butter, Caster Sugar. Then fold it in with some Flour and Eggs and once its consistency is the same as that of a very moist pudding then it's ready to go.

Into the baking tins they go. And baked in the oven for about 8 minutes on medium heat. You'll know it's ready if it slides off the tin neatly.

Then the real test is whether the "lava" is still in liquid form. It should ooze out once the crunchy outer chocolate crust is broken. If not then it's over cooked. But if the Lava Cake has trouble staying upright, or cracks open on its own then it's undercooked. A fine balance, really.

Once I'm happy with the recipe and I've made the necessary adjustments I put it on the specials board and serve it with Vanilla Ice Cream. Coolness! :)

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